Order 4 Magic Squares


Program Order4 makes the 880 order 4 magic squares. They can also be made below.


Here are the first and last 4x4 magic squares, (in Frénicle standard form sorted in ascending order):

Type Summary

This is the type summary from program GetType:

Make Squares and Bones

The 880 order 4 magic squares and bones are here. The squares are listed in order in Frénicle standard form. The 8 aspects of each square can also be displayed.



Note: In the bones displayed here, the minus sign is dropped from negative numbers. Positive and negative numbers are distinguished as red and blue. Also, ½ is dropped from the bones numbers. Therefore, bones diagonal sums appear to be off by 1 when there are not 2 positive and 2 negative numbers. Square number 1 is an example of this.