APL Program

Program Description

The program generates odd or even order bordered magic squares.

The odd order squares are the same as described in Odd.

The even order squares are not the same as described in Even.
The center 4x4 square is different. For bigger squares, the main diagonals match, but other numbers are arranged differently.

Dyalog APL

APL Program Listing



APL console

Console fragment:


The program was originally written for APL\11 using the ASCII character set. Characters used that differ from the APL alphabet are:

	a-z	letter	
	I	iota
	R	rho
	U	drop
	V	or
	X	multiply
	Y	take
	#	not equal to
	`	negative sign
	{	assign
	}	goto

APL\11 Program Listing



APL computer language https://www.britannica.com/technology/APL.

APL PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE https://courses.cs.vt.edu/~cs5314/Lang-Paper-Presentation/Papers/HoldPapers/APL.pdf.

Dyalog APL https://www.dyalog.com/.

Try APL https://tryapl.org/#.